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Overview of OAFlux Products

The following two versions of OAFlux products are available.

  1. OAFlux-1° blended products: developed from optimal synthesis of satellite wind and SST observations and atmospheric reanalysis of air temperature and humidity. The products are available on 1° resolution from 1958 to the present. The project is sponsored by NOAA GOMO program.
  2. OAFlux-0.25° satellite products: developed from merging satellite observations from multiple sensors including scatterometers, radiometers, and sounders. he products are available on 0.25° resolution for the satellite era (1988 onward). The project is sponsored by NASA MeaSUREs program.

Note: The two versions of products are developed using different methodologies, different algorithms, and different source datasets. For more information about the differences between the two products, please read here. A summary of air-sea fluxes and variables contained in each product is provided below.

OAFlux 1-deg analysis (1958 -) OAFlux 0.25-deg ANALYSIS (1988 -) Unit
Latent Heat Flux (QLH)Latent Heat Flux (QLH)W/m2, positive upward
Sensible Heat Flux (QSH)Sensible Heat Flux (QSH)W/m2, positive upward
ISCCP Net downward shortwave radiation (QSW) (up to 2009)W/m2, positive downward
ISCCP Net upward longwave radiation (QLW) (up to 2009)W/m2, positive upward
Ocean net heat gain (Qnet = QSW - QLW - QLH - QSH) (up to 2009)W/m2, positive downward
Moisture Flux (Ocean Evaporation) (E)Moisture Flux (Ocean Evaporation) (E)cm/yr, positive upward
Momentum flux (wind stress) (tau)N/m2
Zonal wind stress component (tau-x)N/m2, positive eastward
Meridional wind stress component (tau-y)N/m2, positive northward
Sea surface temperature (Ts)Sea surface temperature (Ts)degree C
2m air temperature (Ta)2m air temperature (Ta)degree C
2m air specific humidity (qa)2m air specific humidity (qa)g/kg
10m equivalent neutral wind speed10m equivalent neutral wind speedm/s
zonal wind componentm/s, positive eastward
meridional wind componentm/s, positive northward
wind stress curlN/m3
wind convergences-1
wind vorticitys-1
Ekman pumping velocitycm/day