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Data Access

The WHOI OAFlux project is committed to providing free and open access to the its data sets in a timely manner. 

If you use our products in your project, we would appreciate your acknowledgement of the OAFlux project. Suggested language of acknowledgement: "This publication is based upon the WHOI OAFlux datasets supported by the NOAA’s Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) Program and NASA's Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs) Program". 

OAFlux data products are available in netCDF format.

OAFlux 1° Products

Method #1:  WHOI server

Use an internet browser: go to


Use the WHOI anonymous ftp server ftp
login name: anonymous
password: your email address
cd pub/science/oaflux/data_v3 (for global ocean heat flux and evaporation products).

Method #2:  data centers:

  1. Asia-Pacific DATA-Research Center (ADPRC) at the University of Hawaii (
  2. Research Data Archive (RDA) at NCAR (

OAFlux 0.25° Products

Method #1: WHOI server

coming soon


coming soon