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    Location: Data Products >> wind

      Project PI: Dr. Lisan Yu (Email:
    Pre-QuickSCAT QuickSCAT Era

    Data sets are 0.25-degree gridded, daily and monthly means from July 1987 onward:
    • wind speed at 10m
    • zonal wind at 10m (positive eastward
    • meridional wind at 10m (positive northward)
    • wind stress magnitude
    • zonal wind stress (positive eastward)
    • meridional wind stress (positive northward)
    • wind stress curl (positive upward)
    • convergence/divergence (positive upward)
    • vorticity (positive upward)
    The wind and momentum flux products on 1-degree grid are also made available to support
       the 1-degree global heat flux analysis. The 1-degree products are the 16-point averages of
       the 0.25-degree products.