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    Research Papers, Presentations, and Posters

    Multidecade Global Flux Datasets from the Objectively Analyzed Air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) Project:  Latent and sensible heat fluxes, evaporation, and related surface meteorological variables. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, OAFlux Project Technical Report. OA-2008-01, 64pp. Woods Hole. (2008)
    Global variations in oceanic evaporation (1958-2005): The role of changing wind speed. J. Climate, 20(21), 5376-5390. (2007)
    Sea surface exchanges of momentum, heat, and freshwater determined by satellite remote sensing. In: J. Steele, S. Thorpe, and K. Turekian (eds.), Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, First Online Update, Academic Press, London, UK. Accepted, (2007)
    Objectively Analyzed Air-Sea Heat Fluxes for the Global Ice-free Oceans (1981-2005). Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 88, 527–539. (2007)
    Annual, seasonal, and interannual variability of air-sea heat fluxes in the Indian Ocean. J. Climate, Special issue on the Climate Variability and Predictability of the Indian Ocean. 20, 3190–3209. (2007)
    Role of set surface heat flux in the seasonal evoluation of SST in the Atlantic Ocean. J. Climate. 19, 6153–6169. (2006)
    Introduction to Objectively Analyzed Air-Sea Fluxes (OAFlux) for the Global Oceans (Presentation)
    2005: Mean and Variability of Air-Sea Heat Fluxes in the Indian Ocean (Presentation)
    2005: Role of Surface Heat Fluxes in Seasonal Variations of SST in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean (Poster)
    2004: WHOI Analysis of Daily Air-Sea Heat Fluxes for the Atlantic Ocean (Poster)
    2003: The WHOI Daily Flux Product and its Comparison with in situ Flux Measurements and the SOC Climatology (Presentation)