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    Selected publications related to OAFlux projects

    Publications in refereed Journals:

    Yu, L., X. Jin, and R. A. Weller, 2008: Multidecade Global Flux Datasets from the Objectively Analyzed Air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) Project: Latent and sensible heat fluxes, ocean evaporation, and related surface meteorological variables. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, OAFlux Project Technical Report. OA-2008-01, 64pp. Woods Hole. Massachusetts. [PDF] 

    Yu, L., 2008: Sea surface exchanges of momentum, heat, and freshwater determined by satellite remote sensing. In: J. Steele, S. Thorpe, and K. Turekian (eds.), Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, First Online Update, Academic Press, London, UK, In press.

    Yu, L., 2007: Global variations in oceanic evaporation (1958-2005): The role of the changing wind speed. J. Climate,  20(21), 5376–5390. [Abstract]   [PDF]  [Reprint] 

    Yu, L., and R. A. Weller, 2007: Objectively Analyzed air-sea heat Fluxes for the global oce-free oceans (1981–2005). Bull. Ameri. Meteor. Soc., 88, 527–539. [Abstract]   [PDF]   [Reprint] .

    Yu, L., X. Jin, and R.A. Weller, 2007: Annual, Seasonal, and Interannual Variability of Air–Sea Heat Fluxes in the Indian Ocean. J. Climate, Special issue on the Climate Variability and Predictability of the Indian Ocean, 20, 3190–3209. [Abstract]   [PDF]  [Reprint]

    Yu, L., X. Jin, and R. A. Weller, 2006: Role of net surface heat flux in the seasonal evolution of sea surface temperature in the Atlantic Ocean. J. Climate. 19, 6153–6169. [Abstract]   [PDF]  [Reprint] 

    Yu, L., R. A. Weller, and B. Sun, 2004: Mean and variability of the WHOI daily latent and sensible heat fluxes at in situ flux measurement sites in the Atlantic Ocean. J. Climate, 17, 2096–2118. [Abstract]   [PDF]   [Reprint] 

    Yu, L., R. A. Weller, and B. Sun, 2004: Improving latent and sensible heat flux estimates for the Atlantic Ocean (1988-1999) by a synthesis approach. J. Climate, 17, 373–393. [Abstract]   [PDF]  [Reprint] 

    Sun, B., L. Yu, and R. A. Weller, 2003: Comparisons of surface meteorology and turbulent heat fluxes over the Atlantic: NWP model analyses versus moored buoy observations. J. Climate, 16, 679–695. [Abstract]   [PDF]  [Reprint] 

    Annual contributions to BAMS State of the Climate Report:

    Peterson, T. C., and M. O. Baringer, Eds., 2009: State of the Climate in 2008. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 90, S1-S196. [PDF]

    Levinson, D.H., J.H. Lawrimore, eds., 2008: State of the Climate in 2007. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 89, S1-S183. [Abstract]  [PDF]

    Arguez, A., eds., 2007: State of the Climate in 2006. Bull. Ameri. Meteor. Soc., 88, s1-s135. [Abstract]  [PDF]

    Shein., K. A., eds., 2006: State of the Climate in 2005. Bull. Ameri. Meteor. Soc., 87, s1-s102. [Abstract]  [PDF]