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    Project Description: OAFlux Evaporation
    OAFlux Evaporation
    The OAFlux evaporation rate is determined from the relation:

                 Evaporation = latent heat flux / ρwLe

    where ρw is the density of sea water, and Le  is the latent heat
    of vaporization that can be expressed as Le =(2.501-0.00237
    ) 1.06

    Yu, L., X. Jin, and R. A. Weller, 2008: Multidecade Global Flux Datasets from the Objectively Analyzed Air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) Project: Latent and sensible heat fluxes, ocean evaporation, and related surface meteorological variables. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, OAFlux Project Technical Report. OA-2008-01, 64pp. Woods Hole. Massachusetts. [PDF]

    Yu, L., 2007: Global variations in oceanic evaporation (1958-2005): The role of the changing wind speed. J. Climate,  20(21), 5376–5390. [Abstract] [PDF] [Reprint]