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    since 5/1/2013
    Location: Data Access

    Data Access    

    (1) WHOI server: OAFlux data products are in netCDF format and can be downloaded from
      (i)   Use an internet browser:
      (ii)   Use the WHOI anonymous ftp server

              login name: anonymous
              password: your email address
              cd pub/science/oaflux/data_v3 (for global ocean heat flux and evaporation products)

              cd pub/science/oaflux/wind_v1 (for global ocean vector wind products)

              Email Dr. Xiangze Jin for questions on data access.

    (2) Data are also archived at the two data centers
      (i)   Asia-Pacific DATA-Research Center (ADPRC) at the University of Hawaii

      (ii)   Research Data Archive (RDA) at NCAR (

    Please acknowledge the global ocean heat flux and evaporation products were provided by the WHOI OAFlux project ( funded by the NOAA Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM) program.